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Founded by Mr. Suren Singh Chandravanshi, FT Model & Artist Management is one of the best modeling agencies in Pune. Aspiring models, actors, photographers, singers, dancers, filmmakers-all are provided the best training and education by our agency. Offering potential learners the opportunity to practice and perfect their craft in a professional and supportive environment, our agency consists of all state-of-the-art facilities. Along with providing personalized coaching and individualized feedback, FT Model & Artist Management consists of  highly experienced and qualified instructors who work closely with each individual to help them achieve their goals. For people to connect, collaborate and grow together, our agency has a vibrant and supportive learners’ community.

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As the go-to destination for aspiring entertainment professionals, FT Model & Artist Management, being one of the best modeling agencies in Pune, is dedicated to the development of talent and the growth of the entertainment industry. To ensure you display elegance and charisma, our team of seasoned experts will tailor grooming solutions to enhance your personal style while stepping into the limelight exuding confidence and refinement. 

Also, the first thing you will need at hand is a professional portfolio if trying to be a part of the glamor industry. The chances of landing a role or a job is increased manifold if you have a well-organized portfolio. To help you create that striking impression on the viewers, our professional photography team will assist and guide you to create the ‘picture perfect’ folio. Aspiring individuals gain the skills and confidence they need to succeed in the entertainment industry, thanks to the personalized coaching offered by FT Model & Artist Management, one of the best modeling agencies in Pune.

Our agency’s commitment to provide top-notch training and education, personalized coaching, state-of-the-art facilities, and a supportive community is what constitutes its repute. To inspire and empower aspiring entertainment professionals to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals is what FT Model & Artist Management aims for.

We are committed to helping young adults develop their skills and reach their full potential at FT Model & Artist Management, one of the best modeling agencies in Pune. Our goal is to inspire fresh talents to be confident and successful in the competitive industry of fashion and modeling as we are an authorized agency that provides quality education, training and guidance in the fields of beauty, fashion and modeling. To help them achieve their dreams, we provide a variety of courses and resources to prospective talents.

Therefore, look no further and join FT Model & Artist Management, the best modeling agency in Pune without any delay.

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