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With elite modeling skills and technique, FT Model & Artist Management is one of the best modeling agencies in Kolkata. Through outbreaks in the commercial arena, creating your portfolios and other necessary services, this agency will help you to learn the updated modeling skills and techniques with expert guidance. For your dreams to come true, this is the perfect place to learn, develop your self-confidence and flourish your modeling skill.

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To make a glorious career in the modeling industry, a significant agency like FT Model & Artist Management is just the place to be. You can also take part in beauty pageants and other commercials as there is an endless requirement of top rated models in glamor industries and reputed brands. To unveil the opportunities for fashion shows and covers for reputed magazines, a proper guidance and platform is required. To research, learn, experiment and rectify; our agency is an open forum for models and would be models. By nurturing the skills and talents, FT Model & Artist Management highlights the hidden talent into an exalted renunciation. To help the models build their future, our fraternity with renowned brands and commercials also plays a pivotal role.

A modeling world to accomplish the dreams of upcoming models right in the heart of Kolkata, FT Model & Artist Management, one of the best modeling agency in Kolkata is the brainchild of Mr. Suren Singh Chandravanshi. We take great pride in showcasing the best models from Kolkata as one of the best modeling agencies. Our agency serves as the bridge connecting your dreams with reality. A platform for diurnal research, experimentation, learned and groomed, we are in collaboration with eminent names of the industry to work with. To become the face of the glamor world, contact us without further frittering away.

FT Model & Artist Management is committed to continuing its quest. Portraying you as a complete model in every aspect in the industry, we nurture the modeling dream that you perceive, help it grow by providing professional training, getting your layout portfolios and test shoots. Developing the raw talent into an expertised, skilled and disciplined individual, we are here to serve you. For building the contracts, getting booked for ads, finding gigs, becoming the face of reputed brands, and many more, our agency unlatches the door to the existing models as well as the newcomers. Talent will find its way to bloom since modeling is such a fast moving industry. 

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