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Best Modeling Agency in Chandigarh

FT Model & Artist Management, one of the best modeling agencies of Chandigarh is the biggest source of channelizing the talents of modeling and acting. Our agency furnishes the best of modeling jobs and opportunities that can nourish you as a professional while guiding you on how to become a skilled male or female model if your dream career options are modeling and acting. Grooming young talented individuals  for the most exciting, sought after, glamorous as well as rewarding careers in modeling for ramp, shows, advertising etc. and also training them to make career in the field of acting for movies, films, Television (TV) serials, music videos, TV commercials and theater; our agency is having many centers across India.

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Along with providing grooming and modeling classes, FT Model & Artist Management, one of the best modeling agencies in Chandigarh also exposes the talents to on-the-job training and learning in this age of fake and substandard agencies cheating on the name of brand associations. Our agency conducts modeling and acting classes, grooming sessions for female and male models separately. For youngsters to pursue their dreams and ambitions in the field of modeling and acting, polishing and honing their skills, FT Model & Artist Management’s perspective is to provide equal opportunities to them across all major cities of India. Therefore, enroll yourself with our agency which is the gateway to success not just for the perfect bodied models but also for plus size models if you are aiming to be one of the shining stars of the world of modeling or acting.

Guiding and training about the nitty-gritty of the fashion and glamor world, FT Model & Artist Management is noted as one of the best modeling agencies in Chandigarh known for its experienced faculties and quality training that include proficient advertising and fashion photographers, show directors and industry stylists. The experienced and passionate set of professionals at our agency bring in a broad array of incredible expertise for teaching the young talents and nurturing them with a distinct personality and perspective over other aspiring ones.

Our founder Mr. Suren Singh Chandravanshi believes in cultural diversity and its propagation through the promising talents we represent as an agency. Making this world a better place to live in, we stand for people with purpose and we as a company want to help them achieve their purpose.

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