How to Make a Career in Dancing

Talent agencies not only provide dancers with access to auditions that aren't always posted publicly, but also find work that suits them. To get a spot in an audition, an agency can submit your materials for a preliminary cut that would not have been possible obtaining your own. An agency is undoubtedly an expedited route to increase your chances of getting cast in commercial dancing. You can submit your information and materials on the agency's website for consideration to come in for an audition for representation if you are interested in this genre of dance.

Networking is the key to advance your dance career. This entails attending workshops and taking classes as much as possible to reach heights in the dancing world. It is possible to just show up for an audition and get selected, but the probability will be significantly higher when either the director or the choreographer is already aware of your work as well as you personally.

Tips to Succeed As a Dancer

Here are some ways to getting yourself out there and meeting those people who can eventually make a big difference in your career if you're just getting started:

1. Take Classes

Attending dance classes aids in maintaining your fitness and developing your craft, but it also plays a crucial role in advancing your career. Try to thoroughly research classes and be wise about what you take, when planning your training. You should consider networking with both the teacher and your fellow learners, after matching your teacher's experience and background in an area you want to pursue. As you move beyond the class, these connections can help you all build your desired career.

2. Attend Workshops

Several well-known choreographers and company members conduct workshops, and most often, these professionals keep an eye on those catching their steps well. It could lead to performance opportunities down the road, if you can make a lasting impression in a workshop.

3. Make a Perfect Elevator Pitc

To sell yourself professionally, your elevator pitch is a succinct method. When the chance comes to convince someone in a position to hire you, practice your "pitch" so you are calm and assured, thereby pursuing them to do just the way you want it to be.

4. Create a Presence Online

Nowadays, networking extends beyond face-to-face gatherings and events. You should be using social media to promote your work as a dancer. Aim to not get distracted by all the noise surrounding these platforms, while interacting with those in your field. What to post and not post should not be dictated by the number of views or likes you get. Let your work speak for itself, thus keeping it professional.

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